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By using our YT to MP3 service, you can convert YouTube to MP3 and music for free (download YouTube mp3 with YTMP3)

YTMP3: Best YouTube to MP3 Converter & Downloader

YTMP3 is the best YouTube to MP3 converter online and offers the service of efficiently downloading YouTube videos as mp3 or mp4 formats.

With millions of videos uploaded to every day, more and more people are seeking a YouTube mp3 converter to download YouTube mp3 without limits. Over one million people come to to download YouTube mp3 every day.

As one popular free YouTube to MP3 converter online, ytmp3 helps users to convert YouTube videos to mp3 songs (audio files) and allows them to download mp4 or mp3 from YouTube videos with a few clicks. Once hitting the “Download” button, the mp3 music will be downloaded to the devices for offline use.

Features of Our YouTube to MP3 Converter (YTMP3)

Our YouTube mp3 converter is known for many fantastic features, which supports downloading an unlimited number of yt videos to your multiple devices by converting them into mp4 or mp3 formats.

How to Use Our YouTube to MP3 [YTMP3] Converter & Downloader

Step 1: Copy the Link of the YouTube Video You Want to Convert

If you find one YouTube video with fantastic music and want to download the mp3, you should first go to the video page and copy the video link.

Step 2: Paste the Link of the YouTube Video

Open our website by entering “” in your search bar and paste the link to the text input box. Then tap the “Convert” button at the right to download your favorite YouTube mp3.

Step 3: Select the Format and Quality

Despite the website’s name (ytmp3), we also support converting YouTube videos into mp4 files. You can select your desired format and quality.

Why Use Our YTMP3 Converter for YouTube MP3 Conversion

Our YouTube to MP3 converter is designed to help you download YouTube videos as mp3 music. It’s one popular online platform that allows unlimited conversions and downloads of YouTube songs. The audio file will be saved to your default folder for playing.

YTMP3: Best YouTube to MP3 Conversion Service

This YouTube mp3 converter is the best alternative tool to other paid mp3 music downloaders. It’s completely free and safe without viruses. Besides, different languages will be available soon so that you can access the website from your native country, and the site will be in your native language, making it more convenient to convert YouTube to MP3.

Make sure you have an internet connection while using the free ytmp3 website. You can bookmark our website on your browser if you frequently need to convert YouTube to music. The downloaded audio can be played on audio players so your ears can enjoy high-quality songs offline.

What are Other Amazing Functions of YTMP3

YTMP3 is a free youtube to mp3 converter online that helps you download audio files of YouTube videos whenever and wherever you want. We serve millions of users with our youtube mp3 download function every month, so you should rest assured that we’re the best youtube to mp3 downloader on the market. Besides converting YouTube to mp3, we also offer the following functions:

1. Download YouTube audio files: Paste the YouTube link to download the audio formats of YouTube.

2. Download YouTube videos (MP4): You can download the YouTube mp4 video in high quality if you’re tired of the advertisements on YouTube and want to save it for offline watching at any time.

3. YouTube video search and download: Enter the name of the video you want to save and click on the “Download” button; you’ll find the corresponding video to download.

4. TikTok download without watermark: Since TikTok has become the king app of short videos, many people seek tools to download TikTok videos and mp3s without watermark. To meet users’ needs, we also developed a TikTok downloader for you to save an unlimited number of TikTok mp3 and mp4 files.


It’s worth noting that, like some other YouTube converters and downloaders, YTMP3 has been facing some criticism and receiving DMCA warnings in the past years because of copyright policies. The website has been accused of facilitating copyright infringement by giving users access to convert copyrighted YouTube videos into mp3 files without permission from the original copyright holders. So, sometimes you may not see our website in the search results. In case you get lost, you can bookmark our YTMP3 website (

It will be a great help if you can share the youtube mp3 converter with your families or friends or post it on your social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Ins). Besides, users should also be aware of the potential legal implications of using the service to convert copyrighted content.

FAQs About Converting YouTube to MP3 with YTMP3.WIN

1. What is the Maximum Size of Audio or Video Files

There is no limit to the size or number of files. We will not monitor how many YouTube videos are converted into mp3 with our free YouTube to MP3 converter. But please note that it’d be better to get permission from the owners of copyrighted content before converting.

2. How Many YouTube Videos Can I Convert at One Time?

Only one file is allowed each time, but you can convert unlimited YouTube videos separately.

3. Why the YouTube to MP3 Converter Doesn’t Work Properly?

If the YouTube mp3 downloader is not working on your device or you have any trouble converting YouTube to mp3, it should be an internet connection issue in most cases. Check your WiFi and data connection and ensure it’s working properly.

4. Will Sound Quality Be Compromised When Converting YouTube Videos to MP3 Songs?

Technically, yes. But it’s usually too subtle to notice. Not a big deal. The conversion will work pretty well in most cases, but some aspects of data may get lost, which you won’t be able to tell. And we also try our best to avoid sound quality loss during mp3 conversion.

5. Can I Use the YouTube to MP3 Converter on My Tablets or Mobile Phones?

Our ytmp3 converter works well on all devices with various screen sizes, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. You can download YouTube into MP3 for free on Windows, Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and many more. The free YouTube to MP3 downloader is compatible with most operating systems.

6. Where are the Download Audio Files (MP3) Stored?

The audio files will be automatically saved in your device’s default download folder. You can also change the default location by changing your browser settings.

7. Will You Keep Track of Our Conversion Histories?

No, your conversion histories won’t be stored on our servers. YTMP3 is a free YouTube to MP3 Converter online without signup or registration, so we don’t collect any personal information. Your privacy and data will be protected by our industry-standard encryption protocols.